Today, Tomorrow, or Sometime

I hate having a vision in my head but not sure how to get there. It frustrates me.

I can see something that I want or where I think I should be going with God, but I ma not there. I am stuck over here trying to figure out how to get there.

This plays out for people all the time, but it is happening to me, so I am annoyed with it.

Ok, so I have been having these thoughts for awhile now. It is like I get a sermon / seminar message in my head. I can see myself standing up and talking, but the majority of the time what I am talking about pertains to me. This morning, I was preaching on the future. We are always concerned about the future and what is going to happen there. We make plans for the future and hope everything works out. Graduation is coming up and kids are already making plans on where to go and what they will be.

Problem is God said don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow might never come, so focus on today.

Have you ever asked God what He wants you to do? What He has planned for you. You can make your own choice and try and do your own thing, but God knows you better than anyone else and has a perfect future planned for you. It only makes sense to ask what it is and have Him lead you there, right?

I did that. I want to know where I am going because I am not happy where I am. I don’t feel like what I am doing is my destiny with God. I know it isn’t, long term at least.

So I get these sermon visions and I have been thinking about ministry for awhile. I would like to help kids so they either don’t have to go through what I did or at least don’t feel alone going through it. I feel like I will be in ministry full time some time in my life, but want it to happen now. I am not really a patient person at times. Not when I want something at least.

So I see myself speaking and preaching wondering how do I get there. Why is God showing me something when I am struggling to get there? So sometimes we need to see where we are going in order to create a vision in our life. The vision gives us focus and helps to motivate us, but doesn’t mean we are ready to achieve the vision. So why are we where we are at? We are where we are at to learn something that will be required to live out the vision.

If I want to start a business but have never run a business before, I don’t just quit everything I am doing and start the business. There is a ton of things that need to be learned. Knowledge and resources must be acquired before the business can be started, successfully that is. I could just up and leave and start the business, but odds are it will fail miserably.

God doesn’t want you to fail at your vision. He wants you to succeed. You need the motivation so you get the vision, but there are knowledge and resource that you have to acquire if you are to be successful. You are where you are at so He can walk you through the process and properly equip you and surround you with a support system to be a success.

At least this is what I preached to myself this morning.

Why should we not worry about tomorrow? Because we are getting equipped to make it through today.


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