Lukewarm Obama

There are several things I have been thinking and talking to God about.  I am going to try and get these written up and posted in the next few days.

First thing, President Obama.

I am not going to speak ill of him or his positions. God has put him into power for whatever reason, so I don’t want to speak against His choice.

So what am I going to say?

Between Obama and McCain, Obama was the only one to openly say he was a Christian. Some people doubted, but he stepped up and didn’t deny the Lord. You have to respect that.

My problem is that his actions don’t match up with what I consider to be Christian. He enacts policy to help the poor but then authorizes money to be used to kill babies. He doesn’t persecute people, but he condones behavior that the Bible condemns. We wavers on biblical morals and ends up riding the fence.

I feel sad for him that he wants to please people so much, that he refuses to choose a side. Thinking about this, God brought this to mind:

Rev 3:15 I know your [record of] works and what you are doing; you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! 16 So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!

Obama isn’t the only Christian who sits on the fence refusing to choose a side, either good or evil.
I have done it many times in the past. God is always quick to point out when I am doing something wrong so I can repent and move close to Him again. When we are focused on doing what is right while trying to please the people around us, we become lukewarm. Neither hot for God or cold and falling away from Him.

Have you ever wondered why God would rather you be cold to Him then lukewarm? If your cold and away, He can reach out for you and try and pull you back to Him. When your cold, you know your cold. Your not under the false impression that you are doing good so must still be in His will, aka lukewarm.

That is why He says He will spit you out. It isn’t that He is done with you and has cast you aside. It is cause the lukewarm people don’t know where they are as to His will and are a bad taste to Him. They are Christians who claim God but yet there actions fall short of His will repeatedly. They bring a bad taste to the mouths of those who watch them. When you see someone who has been offended by the hypocrisy of Christians, pretty good bet they ran into a lukewarm Christian.

There is hope though. God doesn’t want any of His children to parish. He wants all of His children to repent and to walk with Him. If you see your Christian brothers and/or sisters being lukewarm, you need to approach them with mercy and truth and address what is going on. We can not sit back any longer and just turn a blind eye to the actions and behaviors of these lukewarm individuals. The complacency from believers is giving up ground to the enemy.

We are already in a spiritual battle with the enemy. The body of Christ doesn’t need to fight itself at the same item.

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