Rejecting Christianity

 Have you noticed how many people are writing about leaving Christianity and why they are leaving. You don’t see this with other religions, so I wonder why the need to do it with Christianity.

My heart actually goes out for those people who left the faith. When I was 15 I rejected God, so I understand, at least in part, what they must be filling. I am curious when I find those blog posts so I like to read them. You should read one some time, they are actually quite interesting.

For the most part, people stop believing in God for one of two reasons. Either it is because the treatment they received from other Christians was horrible or they fill like God failed to meet them in the way they expected. For me it was both.

Christians are hypocrites. At least that is a claim they will make. I can see it. There is a double standard that seems to be acceptable. We come out and condemn acts like abortion and homosexuality and damn the person to hell but turn around and overspend, over indulge, cheat on their spouse, etc. You have seen it, so no need to deny it. The media loves those stories.

I know not all Christians are like that, but it appears like it because they standout. The ones that aren’t are quiet about it and aren’t taking a stand to say those actions are wrong.

We are called to correct the actions of believers when they occur, but who are we to judge right? The problem is we are not judging we are correcting. If they are sinning, it needs to be addressed so a corrective action can be taken. The correction should be performed with love toward the person and without condemnation. Conviction and condemnation are two very different things. I know there is a general attitude of “I am no angel either” so we are afraid of condemnation, but that is a wrong course of action. We need to address the action and take a stance so others will see that it is not appropriate behavior.

How is God supposed to respond to my needs? He often doesn’t do it in the way that I want. Since I am flawed though, if He did what I expected, wouldn’t He be as flawed as I am?

When I denounced God, it was after I felt that He allowed evil to happen to me. He is supposed to protect me, but He didn’t. How could I believe in and let alone follow someone who did that?

Usually those hypocrisy and unmet needs will get us to question our beliefs. When we go searching for answers we find a slew of people out there who called God a liar and show what seems to be contradictions in the Bible. Remember, the Devil used the Bible our of context against Jesus while tempting Him in the desert. Jesus countered by using the Word against him.

Read the stories of those that have rejected God and the comments from those that read the posts. There is almost always fear and anger when telling their story. Comments are either celebrating that the person left their faith and cursing God or Christians who lecture them and tell them they never knew God to begin with. Not all are like this, but the ones the majority are.

I love God with all my heart. When people joke or speak ill of Him it does anger me. I have to remember that He doesn’t need me to fight His battles for Him. Being attached by a Christian who should be responding out of love does not help the situation or the feelings of anger toward Christianity.

Read the stories of those that have rejected God. Offer comments of regret and sorrow at the pain they are feeling. Show them love and kindness and pray for them. God is not giving up on them, so neither should we.


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