Gay Love

I am against the gay and lesbian sexual orientation.

I think it is wrong.  Very wrong.

Yes, this is based on what the Bible says, so you might feel like I am uninformed and misguided. Oh well. I personally feel like that is a choice that is usually based on some childhood trauma or lack of family dynamic.

I am not against gays and lesbians. I actually have love for them. I have several friends who are one or the other and I have never wished malice or harm on them. That said, they also know I don’t condone what they do.

I don’t consider it hypocritical to be friends with them while not approving of their lifestyle. Jesus did it. He hung out with sinners often. That is usually when the Pharisees would show up and say what are you doing? Don’t you know they are sinners. Several churches still do that.

He hung out with the sinners cause those are the ones that needed him. If we are supposed to be reaching out to sinners, why avoid them. We should be loving on them, but not condoning the sins they do.

You probably read that Pepsi is a huge sponsor of the Gay and Lesbian rights movement. The AFA has asked them several time to be neutral in this struggle, but they refuse. It is their right to sponsor this activity. As Christians, if we ask a company to not take a side but they refuse, should we continue supporting that company?

I am against abortion and hate idea that my tax money is going to fund them. I can protest, but until leadership has a change of heart, there is not much I can do about it except pray. If I don’t want to support the day and lesbian movement, I have the choice not to give my money to Pepsi or those that do business with them (YUM brands: Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC). If I am giving them my business, I am saying it is ok to use my money to support a sinful lifestyle. The business can be neutral, because it wont answer to God. The person making the choices will have to tell God why they did what they did.

Show those that consider themselves gay or lesbian love. We should show them the same love that we give to people that are sexually active but not married. Treat them with respect and kindness. That is what Jesus does.

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