Accepting the Homosexual Argument

I was talking to a friend yesterday, about that article on gay Christians.  It still annoys me on how many people want to come out and condemn them for there lifestyle while condoning other sinful choices because they are more acceptable to society.

 My stance is wrong is wrong.   Probably already stated this before, but it is still wrong.   I hate that Christians try to get them to change by attacking them though, instead of showing them love.

 Maybe we get so beaten down that is should be ok, that we allow our stance to slip on the issue and vow to be more firm with the next one.  Never happens though.  Look at MTV.  If you want to see which sin is to be on the approved list, MTV will be shoving the message down the throats of those that will listen. 

 Just because people want to say it is ok over and over and over again, doesn’t mean it is so.

 Enough soap box and now back to my friend.  She is a good friend of mine.  We will have theological discussions from time to time because I value her opinion.  She is an active Christian we hold similar ideas.  She also has close friends who are gay.

 I wondered how she would respond as to whether homosexuality (the act) was wrong.  She didn’t disappoint me.  She was undecided.  She hadn’t done enough study on it in the Bible to see what all it said and the context it was said.  I respect that.  She won’t just blindly accept it because of her friends, even though that is the natural tendency.

 It is hard to recognize that you are sinning and need to make a change.  I think it is even harder to approach a friend and tell them they are sinning and risk losing that friendship.  That is what we are called to do.  We are supposed to address the sin that occurs and call it what it really is.  That isn’t damning people to hell or persecuting them.  It is saying that it is something that is wrong and against God and should not be condoned.  I think we get to the point where we are more worried about separating ourselves from the world instead of being concerned that we are separating ourselves from God.


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