The Gay War

I have noticed that I have been posting more with an anti-Gay theme. I love people who feel like they are gay. I don’t agree with the lifestyle choice, but I don’t agree with heterosexual couples that have sex out of wedlock either.

I was going to say I am not targeting any special group or people, but that isn’t true. I am targeting those that are apart from God. My own actions at times remove me from the presence of God. When I slow down and notice it, I ask forgiveness and repent. I truly feel lost when I am apart from Him.

It is that the current administration, media, corporate entities and those who follow the lifestyle choice are shoving it down our throats that we should accept it or we are wrong and being judgmental. That isn’t true. God has always said it is wrong and He doesn’t change His mind, so why should I change mine on this issue.

To say this is not a spiritual battle is wrong. As with all things, the battle occurs around us, but the cause is supernatural. The enemy wants as many people to never know God, so he will do what ever he can to make this happen.

Last weekend, there was a small Christian rock show being held. At the end of the show, a young man wearing an adult diaper and strapped to a cross went on stage. A young lady dressed as a nun proceeded forward, knelt down and performed oral sex on this “Jesus”. It was wrong and it is blasphemy and it happened in the Bible belt. These attacks are everywhere, even where we think God is present more. The couple that performed this stunt were paid by a wealthy local man who has been waging a war with the town for years. He has a little war room and his underlings perform work at different parts of the city to help gather demonic support and weaken the power of God. God has already defeated the devil so it is a pointless war, with the exception of trying to prevent people from knowing God. The problem is the majority of “Christians” in the area don’t think it is a real threat. They want to see it more as strange acts from an eccentric man. This crazy man has been paying straight men to perform gay sex acts on each other, so he is trying to corrupt the youth. It isn’t just the musing of an eccentric man.

I am sure this is happening all around the country. The devil is waging a war and the followers of God aren’t doing much about it. There are pockets of people that will war back through prayer. God has already won, so we just have to stand firm and ask for Him to step in. We have to understand though, that there is a war in progress. We can’t just shrug it off and pretend nothing is happening.

You see, the gay movement along with every other sinful act is just a symptom of people moving away from God. We should stand firm and denounce what we know to be wrong, but our main focus should be in praying for these people and bring the Word of God back into the everyday life of people. If you just spend all of your time trying to treat a symptom, the disease just keeps growing and running rampant.


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4 responses to “The Gay War

  1. haffi112

    Why do you believe in God?

    • Xander

      Because I have experienced Him. I have felt Him and talked to Him and to some degree have seen Him.

      • haffi112

        How is the feeling? Can you explain? I want to understand.

      • Xander

        Good question.

        Not going to say warm and fuzzy. For me, it is the absence of feeling alone. Before I was saved, I would always feel alone. If I was with a group of people, I still felt alone. Isolated is another good word. Not sure if you have ever been depressed, but the comparison to it can made. Now, as long as I am not ignoring Him, I feel Him with me. I have joy for no apparent reason. I can be in a room, all alone, and still feel like I am surrounded by Him.

        I know that it could be said that I was just depressed, but He talks to me too. It isn’t just the feeling of Him there, it is the experience of Him being there. He tells me jokes. He tells me what cards to play. He gives me insight into things I don’t even have a clue about. It isn’t just a change in a medical condition, it is a lot more then that.

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