Personal Salvation

A friend of mine has been having a hard time with a man. It is one of those secret romances. Right away, you know it is not a good thing, but I can convince her of this. Anyway, she is in love with this man. They have long talks via text. When they hang out alone they have a great time. When he is around his friends and family, she barley exists. As long as the attention is focused on her, it is a great relationship. When the attention is spread around, she gets mad. I have tried to talk to her about it rationality, but I have been dismissed as not knowing what I was talking about.

I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me to relate my experience in a similar situation years ago. I bet you were wondering how I was going to introduce God into this story. Back after I was in a bad relationship, I met a girl who had a hard life and had been around men who used her. I have compassion for women like this since I watched my mother in an abusive relationship. I got too attached and found those feelings that seem real but are more based on the emotional conditions at the time. It wasn’t true love. We used to hang out and talk about all kinds of things. The conversation would just flow so easily, how could this not be my soul mate. She would confide stuff to me and call me when she needed stuff. It made me feel good since I was needed and trusted. More false feelings. What I didn’t know was that she was still with the man who used her and would tell him that I was strange and she was just being nice to me. I was good enough for her when she felt down and needed to be lifted up, but in the end I really didn’t matter to her. I was mad and bitter at the time, but I know she didn’t know what a healthy relationship was so there was no way it would have worked between us. It was a painful and hurtful experience, but it was one that I learned and grew from.

So, what does this story have to do with anything.

Once I told my friend what happened to me, she opened up more to the idea that I understand what she is feeling and going through. Opening up about hurts in my past allows her to be more honest with her own feelings.

How many people do you tell about God and why they need Him? How many of them listen to what you have to say?

I feel like God is saying that we, as a whole, are making it all to difficult. We tend to have the verses rehearsed of what He brings and why He is the only way to salvation. How the punishment is death if you don’t accept Him. God is the one that brings the seed to life, we are just the tools He uses to do it. Unlike the infomercials, it is not a one tool fits all job. Instead of trying to go into to this elaborate ordeal about why they need Him, I feel like He just wants us to tell them what He has done for us. We need to open up about where we were and what we were going through when we accepted Him. Then we can tell them what He has done in our life and what He means to us now.

That is the only thing we are really an expert on in this situation. The rest of it just clouds up the message and doesn’t allow us to be in a place where the suffering can relate to what we are saying.

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