Eye Opening view from the Real World

I watched an episode of The Real World this weekend. Neither real nor a picture of the world, but a great example of what happens when you put people in an environment that promotes drama. As with all new shows, there is at least on gay/lesbian as a cast member. Mainstream media wants to make sure we see the “human” side of the people and their plight. It helps us form compassion for them and see them as just ordinary people so we can compromise our stance with God and say it really isn’t so bad.

What stuck out the most was a girl who considers herself bi-curious. She is attracted to woman and wants to explore that side of her sensuality. She made a comment that she likes being sensual because she missed that feeling of being loved while growing up.

That should scream out to people.

More and more studies are starting to reveal that people who identify themselves as gay or lesbian had dysfunctional home lives. They missed the love and affection of one or both parents. They grew up not feeling loved so they search for it through their intimate relationships as they get older. They crave it so much that it takes on an identity within them as a gender preferred sexual orientation.

I know the arguments that there are more people coming out and being open about it because society has finally come around to recognize that it is “normal” behavior. I disagree. I feel like we are so afraid of offending people that we think if it doesn’t hurt us then it is not a concern. As it becomes more and more acceptable, people who are searching for that missing love will get caught up in this acceptable behavior instead of getting the healing that they need.

Not all people who are missing love from their parents will end up as being gay or lesbian. The majority of them will end up being in several heterosexual relationships. Going from partner to partner searching for that one that makes them feel loved. The same thing happens with the gay and lesbian people. It is tragic. For some reason we don’t focus on the straight hurting people cause they are doing a “natural” act.

They both need healing and understanding about the cause of this instead of being pushed away and persecuted. The Church has to take a stance and say it is wrong, but it has to follow it up with a plan or solution as how to address the hurting. Jesus came to heal His children from their pain and suffering. He came to establish a relationship with them first and then start changing them. The Church needs to begin taking this approach.

Accept the people into your fold without condoning the action.

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