Stiff Neck and Prayer

Driving to work this morning, my neck was hurting.  I have 3 problem vertebrae, but that wasn’t the problem today.  I guess I slept wrong or was just tiered, but my muscles were tight and putting lots of pressure on my neck.  I kept trying to stretch out the muscles and pop my neck, but they wouldn’t have any of it.  What to do?

 I started praying.  This isn’t about prayer.  I was praying for God to heal my neck.  Further more, I believed that He was going to heal it and even that He already started to heal it.  My neck started feeling better.  The power of prayer at work is amazing.

 This is still not about prayer. 

 It is about healing.

 After my neck started feeling better, we had a talk about healing.  More of a one sided conversation where He helped me to get past my notions on healing.  Most of you have heard “by His stripes I am healed” be said at least once.  Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we have power over death and are entitled to physical healing.  That is true to a point.

 It really started back when Jesus had His ministry, before the cross.  During those 3+ years, He was travelling around healing people.  All types of ailments too.  It was only limited by the faith in the people being healed.  I am saved and became a joint heir with Jesus.  As part of the family of God, I can heal.  Not really me healing, but the power of God working through me.

 Here is the epiphany point.  For some reason, I kept thinking that the person had to be saved / believer in order to receive the healing.  It makes sense, power of God healing His children.  Problem is Jesus was out there healing people who weren’t saved.  He hadn’t died, so we know they were saved.  Not only heal them, but raised them from the dead as well.  Apostles did it to, so it wasn’t limited just to Jesus.  It was the power of the Holy Spirit moving through the people to do God’s work.

 You probably already knew this, but I just felt like sharing.  I always enjoy gaining Kingdom wisdom.

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  1. janice major

    Heavenly Father,I pray that this stiff neck
    goes away for ever.I was in a accident about 3 years ago,howerever the stiff neck comes back I had therapy and take medicine for the stiff neck which the doctor said a little arthritis had set in my neck.its a hurting feelin.please take it away so I can have a normal life.
    Thank you.

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