Abortion Scholarship Fund

I was wondering why there is not a non-profit group that pays for abortions.

I know there is the Planned Parenthood, but they do medical treatments and birth control since it is the more acceptable public front. I can’t think of a group that is 100% devoted to paying for abortions for people who can’t afford it. Like an abortion scholarship.

This strikes me as rather odd as the number of people who are pro-choice. The pitch is that a woman has a right to choose the fate of her baby, but they don’t back it by paying for the abortion itself. If they truly felt like this was the right thing to do, don’t you feel like they would be helping the people abort the pregnancy?

I can imagine the big Hollywood fund raising parties where people pay to have a good time with all proceeds going to pay for abortions. Black tie affair with A list celebrities saying how they are moved at the plight of the poor pregnant women who just don’t have the money to pay for the abortion themselves. Something like, “my heart hurts that these women need to make the choice between paying their utilities and getting an abortion. This should never happen in America.” Just my idea of how it would go down.

Hopefully we will soon see these abortion scholarship funds being setup. I mean if you are truly pro-abortion, why not actually back it up and pay for someone to abort their baby. Stop waiting for the government to provide the assistance you are calling for. You don’t wait when it comes for non-profits to fund women’s and homeless shelters, right?


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  1. Bond

    Love this, really. It is so common sense it probably leaves people speechless.

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