Who is going to Hell?

Who really goes to Hell?

I mean we tell people all the time that they are going to hell for some thought or action. We wish them to hell a lot too if they upset us, but who is really going to hell?

As far as I can tell, there are two ways to get to Heaven. First, believe in Jesus. Not that He was real, because the Muslims do that, but that He is the Son of God who came to accept our judgment from God and died because of the sins. Second, for those who have never heard of Jesus and The Father and salvation; those people who have never heard the message, they are to be judged based on their own actions. Will they get as close to God as those who have become sons/daughters through adoption? I don’t know. But since I am addressing those who have heard, it really doesn’t matter for this post.

So, if we have become saved and have become sons/daughters through the adoption process, why do we feel like we still might go to hell for not being good enough or having some sin that we have failed to ask forgiveness from?

I told a friend was I was going to write about. She scoffed like I knew who is going to hell and who wasn’t. I gave her my two points and she disagreed. What about those who reject the Holy Spirit? I responded that it is covered under those that didn’t accept salvation. Then what about those that commit suicide? And there it was: the unforgiven sin.

I know we get in that religious mindset that we must ask forgiveness for all of our sins or we are separated from God. I used to believe that way, and will at times, still find myself caught up in that mindset. Think that way long enough and it becomes a habit. Is it really biblical though?

If Jesus died on the cross for our sins, wouldn’t He have taken all of our sins onto Him? Would God be so narrow sighted as to say, these are the only sins that you will ask forgiveness for, so this is all I am going to forgive? The fact is that Jesus took all sins for all of mankind onto Himself. He paid the price for the sins of all, future believers and unbelievers alike. The difference between the two groups is, that the believers accepted it and moved into the covering and became a child of God. The choice God left us with was do we want salvation. He offered it to all, so He had to have paid the price for all.

So, if He died for all sins, He took the judgment for those that we fail to ask forgiveness from. That is why I do not think that if a believer commits suicide, they will go to hell. It is a tragic event and hard to understand, but I really think you will see them again.

As we get to know God better, He is able to remove us from these religious boxes that we find ourselves in and set us free to move on to new truths. Praise God for loving and caring about us.



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2 responses to “Who is going to Hell?

  1. bosulie

    I’ve browsed your site and found a lot of your entries very interesting. For the most part, we share a lot of similar views regarding Christianity and this world. Very very interesting. I encourage you to continue writing! You should enable your comments so more people can comment on them.

    God bless you and your entries 🙂

    • Xander


      I usually lose people when I go into the spirit side of things, but glad you liked most of what you read.

      I opened up comments to all. Thought I had done that a while back.

      Hope you keep reading. I look forward to the feedback.

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