Who the Gay Population Needs to Fear

From prior posts, you can pretty much tell I am not pro homosexuality.  For the most part I think it is a choice that is made, usually subconsciously, based on the environment the people grow up in.  To a degree, I do feel that there are some who are born “gay”.  I consider them few and far between, but I as I said before, right now, I think the Apostle Paul might have been gay.

I have gay friends, so I do not believe it can be spread like a disease.  I feel the gay population has been persecuted and beaten down by “Christians”, when they should be shown the love that the “Christians” preach.  I feel Christians have a hard time with the idea that showing love to someone does not mean you have to condone their actions.  These “Christians” can be mean and hateful, but for the most part they just spew out hatred toward the gay community. 

I don’t feel you are going to hell any more that someone who speeds or heterosexuals that have premarital sex.  Salvation is not based on your life style.  God will change your lifestyle if He wants during your relationship with Him, not through the countless hate attacks from the people around you.

That being said, I just read this on a Muslim blog:

What do you think about homosexual 

Should we except them  in our societies

Do you believe they have a serious problems

What is their motive (the reason behind their abnormal behavior

And one response:

I mostly agree with nadosh but not totally

I think that they have psychological problems and I believe that they need professional help.

to be against them is bad. Also, being totally normal with them is also bad. they already feel lonely enough and treating them bad will even make them more lonely and will “add more water to the mud” lol.

I think that our societies should care more and take serious action in educating people about these issues and how to deal with it in order to treat them properly.

one more point. “keep them away from your children” they spread the disease !!!!!!!!!

 True Islam does not condone homosexuality.  It actually calls for homosexuals to be killed.  Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.  Christians are loud, but are shrinking in influence.  The Muslims are growing fast and silently.  Look at Europe and see how the governments of those countries have actually changed to be more accepting of Muslim beliefs. 

It is just a warning.  I think you will have a hard fight to keep the new “freedoms” that the gay community has one in the coming years.


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