Judging Christian Fluff

I was talking to a friend the other day about my distaste for those people who put the little Bible verse on their Facebook page with no explanation. Shortly after it makes its appearance, there are a slew of people who like it. Why do they like it?

Do they like it simply because it is the Word of God?

I am not saying either of the people are wrong. The verse is probably speaking to the person who posted it and the people who like it hopefully like the fact that the person who posted got some comfort from God. That is the positive thinking way of looking at it.

My thoughts first jump to they are trying to impress people with their godliness even though their life doesn’t reflect it. That is the problem with dealing with so many hypocrites in the church; you are always on the look out for them. They just drive me crazy. It is the same with the people who write that you are in their thoughts and prayers when something bad happens. You know good and well that they never pray so it is just a bunch of lip service. I am not saying my thoughts are correct and I will admit I am being a tad judgmental in my thought process.

The friend made a great point of though. Some of the people are probably just scared to step out and share their faith. New believers risk distancing themselves from their current friend base when they talk about God things. I felt convicted in my attitude.

There will be the hypocrites who want the attention, but there will be those baby Christians who need encouragement. I can either scoff at them and risk damage or I can encourage them as they find their place in Christ and help move them from milk to meat.


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