A Secular Argument against Federal Funding of Abortions

I was talking to a friend about my stance on abortion. More specifically, the stance that the federal government shouldn’t support abortion by providing tax payer money to pay for abortions.

Several of my prior clearly show I am against abortion but I feel like each woman has the right to choose. God gives us free will, so who are we to try and take it away from someone.

While I think you have the right to choose whether you get an abortion, I do not feel like it is right to force tax payers to support it.

Enough background on my stance. The post is because of the conversation with my friend Jake. Jake is a believer but has been somewhat jaded by going to a Christian school where appearances are more important that substance. One of the difficulties he found at the school is that people would use the fact that it is in the Bible to prove a point.

What is wrong with that?

The Bible is God’s word to His people. It has little bearing on non-believers.

My friend’s challenge to me was to make the argument without using the Bible as proof to validity of my stance. Do you know how hard that is?

God’s truths are not limited to His children. If a way of life is supported in the Bible, it will work for people that do not believe in Jesus. It is a truth. There has to be away to back up every truth in the Bible with a real world example.

I can take the normal pro-life stance and talk about how the life begins at inception, but the pro-choice side disputes that. That is a no win argument. Without morality to back me or a clear scientific measurement as to when “life” begins, what is left?

That is when it came to me. The government is taking a stance by choosing one form of population control over another. It is choosing this method as it does not spend an equal amount on the other forms of birth control. It is not giving out birth control pills, condoms, contraceptive foams to people. The morning after pill is not being provided on the scale as abortions to those people that either had a wild night or where abused. The government has taken the active stance to end the pregnancy instead of preventing it in the first place.

Not the best argument for the Christian voter, but we have to start some place.


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3 responses to “A Secular Argument against Federal Funding of Abortions

  1. Mary

    Since abortion is not a mandatory, or even really a life-saving procedure (regardless of the rhetoric of the pro-choice camp), then taxpayers should not be forced to pay for it. Abortion doesn’t save lives, and legal abortion has damaged and even killed women. This procedure is mainly performed on women who, despite experiencing a healthy pregnancy, are told that the child is a parasite or tumor, and are convinced that this act of violence on the child is a sign of her liberty. As a woman, I find abortion to be the most abhorrent action anyone can perform, and I certainly do not believe I should ever have to pay for another woman to kill her own child.

    • Xander

      I think that if the pro-life side would start to approach it from a non-religious stand point, more people would agree and the public funding would stop.

      It isn’t a religious issue and shouldn’t be conservative vs. liberal issue. It should be an issue of personal choice. The government shouldn’t force us to accept one side of the argument or another. The same can be said for marriage.

      I appreciate your comments Mary.

  2. Mary

    By the way, I’m an agnostic pescatarian Democrat. I do not make this argument as a Christian, nor as a Republican.

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