The Urine Tears of Jesus

I have been meaning to write this since I first heard about the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where urine splashes up and lands on a picture of Jesus.

I actually watched the episode. It really was making more fun of the Catholics than being disrespectful of Jesus, but I can see why people got upset over it. I didn’t get upset though.

Why not?

It was a picture of Jesus, not Jesus. It isn’t really a picture of Jesus either. It is what the mainstream world has depicted Him as.

Here is my beef with the picture: Jesus isn’t white.

I said it. I like to throw that out there when people try to introduce their religious views on me. Not Bible based views, but the interpretations from what ever denomination they belong too. I am not rude when I do it, because I do not want to hurt the person, but I want them to put into perspective the truths that they are holding on to are man based and not God based.

God early on said that there shouldn’t be any graven images of Him made. Why? The images that are out there are a tribute to Him, but look how much emphasis and symbolism is now tied to them. They haven’t replaced Him, but they are lifted up to a place of importance that they shouldn’t be at.

The skit was disrespectful to the Catholic and Christian faiths, but it needs to be taken as a bad joke. I wonder if they will ever try this with a picture of Mohammed?


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