Losing my Religion

But not my faith.

I am taking classes at a Baptist university, but I am not Baptist. Luckily they don’t try to keep the rest of us out of the school. I thought it was funny that I had to buy a new Bible for one of my classes. It is the NIV Learners Bible. I have a NIV Study Bible; it is the second Bible I ever got – the first one I got after salvation. NIV should be NIV, so not sure what the difference is. I don’t think they have a Baptist version of the NIV, so I hope it is just the preference of the instructor. Anyways, I have a new Bible and hopefully it will bring new insights from the commentaries.

Anyways, this is about losing my religion or more to the point: religious thinking.

Religion is man’s interpretation of God and who He is. So many religions out there and most have a common thread that there is a higher being and we are not him/her. Often, I see people asking why choose one over the other if they are similar. What makes them different form each other and why is one correct and the rest wrong?

Both are good questions. I see them a lot when atheists challenge why Christianity is the way and why the rest of us are mindlessly following it.

Here is why I like Christianity. All other religions are performance based. They are all about how you can be the best person you can be to earn your place in either eternal life or a higher station in the next life. They all require an effort on your part. Christianity says no matter how hard you try, you will never make it. Not a chance in hell of making it into heaven based on your actions or how good of a person you are or how many prayers you say or how much money you give. Nothing will get you into heaven except Jesus.

Isn’t it odd how it is the only one like that? Makes it stand out from the rest. The devil, who I believe is real, can twist the feeling that God is real into a religion, but he can not duplicate God’s love and grace. Christianity is the only religion where God says you are not good enough to be with Him, but He will take care of the requirements so you can be with Him.

So there is why I like Christianity. Why are there so many branches of it?

Simply put it is religious mentality. We try to take God and shove Him into a box that we are able to understand. He is the Creator of the Universe; Creator of all things, but man wants to understand Him, so we have denominations. We can’t agree with what the Bible means because we are all at different levels of understanding, so we gravitate towards the group that thinks most like us.

To a part that is it. Many of today’s Christians belong to the denomination that their parents belonged to. I wonder if they even know their own churches stance on God and why they are different from another denomination. We get stuck in a rut of what is comfortable and don’t increase our understanding of God. That is why most Christians are Sunday Christians. Good people but they are living their life based on what they have been told and thus fall into the religious mindset. Are their beliefs even biblical?

That brings us to where I am. I am shedding the religious truths that I have been told or thought to have understood all of these years. Stuff like I will always be a sinner or that the golden rule is from the Bible. They all sound good, but they aren’t true. It has been passed around as a truth from generation to generation but it isn’t true. We hold ourselves in religious bondage because of it.

Some of these truths are easier than others to give up. Some are a huge undertaking to rewire our thoughts because they totally change our identity in Christ. If you are no longer a sinner but a saint, how does that change your daily life?

Question the truths that you hold on to. That is a biblical principal. If it contradicts what the Bible says about you, cast it off and embrace the truth. It will allow you to live the life you are supposed to live.


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