How do you know God?

Have you ever talked to someone and mentioned a person’s name during the conversation and they ask how do you know that person? The usual responses are we have been friends for a long time, or a friend of a friend, or we met at the club. You get the idea of the typical types of answers people give. We all do it.

What about if someone asks how we know God. How do you answer then?

You can’t just answer that He is a friend of a friend. If you say you go to His house every week for a couple of hours, it convey a familiarity with Him, but not that you know Him. How about, I read about Him every once in awhile? Then you know background information about God, but you still don’t know Him.

I had a tendency to try and study everything I can about Him. Learn new insights that would change my life or allow me to answer people’s questions better. Both are good reasons to study God, but He pointed out that I didn’t really know Him.

If you think about your best friend, they aren’t your best friend because you read about them right? If so, you are most likely a stalker. They are your best friend because you know them. You spent time with them and shared life changing experiences with them. They are an active part of your life.

Same approach holds true with God. You will only know Him by spending time with Him.

This was a hard thing for me to embrace. I can control what I read and what I learn. Being with God really required me to stop thinking and just sit with Him. No long or prepared prayers. I can’t just run through my mind of what people have told me to do. I just had to sit with Him and quiet myself. Take the cares away from what was going on or what was bothering me in my life and just let Him love on me. I know it will sound strange unless you have done it, but it is the most amazing experience. He gets to show me who He is. We still talk about my problems, but those seem secondary. When I am with Him, the cares just seem to life off of me. Now, I try to do it everyday. It isn’t just so I will know Him better either. I really crave that time with Him. It is the most loved I have ever felt.

So, how do you know God?

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