Forgetting Sarah Palin

I don’t want to be negative toward Mrs. Palin. I am sure she is a perfectly lovely and intelligent woman. My problem is, I am tired of the media keeping her in the news because she is the Christian Hope.

She’s not. If she is, that party is in trouble.

I am not even a republican anymore. For the longest time, I always considered myself a conservative. Christian values all the way and that line. The problem with this is that Christians aren’t limited to just the republican party and the republican party keeps demonstrating how they cant keep the Christian values they tout. They have religious values running out both ends, but that isn’t the same as Christian values so it doesn’t really count.

Last election is when I cast aside my republican card. I will still vote for them, if they are the best candidate and they agree with my values. Not all republicans meet those criteria though. Most compromise themselves and I have no use for that. I had a hard time voting for McCain when he wouldn’t even claim to be a Christian. Obama did though. Now I don’t agree with Obama’s actions and they don’t seem to agree with biblical principal, but he could at least claim that he was / is a Christian.

Sarah Palin came in touting her Christianity full force. I guess she was the republicans idea of how to get the conservative Christians on board. The problem is she doesn’t demonstrate the values either. I got annoyed with her comment that it is just too hard for kids these days to abstain from sex. It is hard, but they can do it. She compromised Christian values. Her new book Going Rogue gives a general feel good approach to her relationship with God, but it seems to be lacking the commitment to it that she is credited for.

I am not going to say she isn’t a Christian. Anyone can claim it. This is why being a “Christian” is such a hard way to judge a persons character. Claiming it has no special power behind it. Claiming it doesn’t mean you are special. If you claim it thought, people will hold you to it. But there is so much compromise in the world, who’s version of Christianity are we holding them to?

Please forget Sarah Palin as the Great Christian Hope. Jesus already has that role.


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