A “little” Judgmental

was driving back to lunch today when I was passed by several cars. I was driving 65 in a 60, so I know these cars were going faster then that. I caught myself saying I hope they don’t get a ticket when I realized that really wasn’t true. I knew I should want that. Who really wants to wish harm or ill will on a person for passing them in traffic. I feel like even though I was breaking the law / rules, they were breaking them worse then I was so they should get caught.

How often do we do this with others and sin?

I don’t think that I am a judgmental person. Usually, people can tell me anything and there is never a comparison that goes on as to if they are worse sinners then I am. I usually feel sorrow as I understand some of the suffering they are going through.

What is the difference between how much we are breaking the law? Human nature, we rate things in degree of seriousness. Slightly speeding is more likely to get a warning then a ticket. Regardless of the punishment, the act is wrong none the less. Sitting here writing this, I get the questions “Am I wanting the other person to get caught so I won’t”? Holy Spirit inspired question, of course, so the answer must be yes. That is why we judge others right, so our own sins are not seen. Just because I don’t do it on the “big” things, I have tried to deny / kept hidden the small sins and that judgmental spirit has had a field day.

Lesson learned today. Not the only, but definitely an important one

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