Saint or Sinner

I joined a men’s group several months ago so I could fellowship with Christian men.

We started a new study discussing our identity in Christ and how it effects our actions. The question we are looking at is “Am I a Saint who sometimes sins or a sinner who is saved?”

Being born again in Christ, are we really still sinners? We are new creatures in Christ, so doesn’t it make sense that we are now Saints? I know we all have a sin nature, but isn’t that part of our daily walk. To me taking up our cross daily means daily reminding myself that I am in Christ and the old man is dead. You can only die once, so I am reminded daily that the sin side is dead, not that it dies daily.

It started to get me thinking about my identity and the way I live my life. I am working on starting to live like the Saint I am. I still sin, but that will never go away. I heard the neatest analogy of our struggle against sin. When a person moves to a new country, with a new language and new customs, that person doesn’t suddenly change everything about themselves and begin speaking the new language and following the new customs. We are that person. When we are saved, we become heavenly citizens. Our daily walk is us learning the language of God and learning the new traditions while trying to let go of the old person.

I feel closer with the thought of being a saint. Reading the Bible, I am now everywhere where I see saints mentioned. I can see myself in the Word, living with God. Living as a saint is a lot easier to swallow then living as a sinner

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