How do you feel God?

I keep reading different blogs from a mixture of people and one of the biggest let downs they have is that they do not feel like God shows up in there life. They lose faith because there is an absence of His presence in their life and the loneliness gets to be too much. I have felt that loneliness, so I can relate to that.

I often wonder how do they expect God to make an appearance?

I still expect God to show up in a certain way, but that has not happened yet. I am not sure where I got the idea of how He was supposed to make an appearance, but I still have that. He shows up in my life. I have felt His peace around me. I have heard His voice. I have felt Him surround me, but I have never had that serene, “ooooooo” feeling that I have been expecting.

How do you expect God to show up in your life?

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