Immigration Reform

What do we do with all of the illegal immigrants? I love the debate on this topic.

Here is my proposal on the situation. Let’s give them all green cards. Maybe a hunter green.

The economy is to dependant on the labor from non documented labor that to kick them out is not even a real possibility. We will end up spending too much money by building a fence that wont really keep anyone out. All of the proposals are trying to band-aid an issue without dealing with the underlying problem.

Here are my plans under the new green card system:

1. All non-citizens will be photographed and documented. Finger prints and DNA will be obtained in order to be part of the new system. This helps to identify outstanding felons and possible terrorists. The country is safer with no jeopardy to U.S. citizens.

2. Minimum wages laws will apply to all people who are legally able to work in the country. The country will no longer be blindly allowing people to work at below poverty levels. These workers will have more money to spend which will help the economy. Increased wages will cause prices to increase, but this will be offset with the additional buying power.

3. All-non citizens will be required to pay 25% in federal income tax. There will be no deductions for non-citizens. The taxes will be used to provide them with healthcare, which they have been getting for free in the past. It will also go to help the infrastructure of the country and help provide for their children which will be born as U.S. citizens. Right now, a good portion of their wages are being sent out of the country to support extended family. This way, at least 1/4 of their earnings are staying in the country.

4. Anyone caught employing a non-documented employee will be subject to a $50,000 fine per occurrence. With no jobs for undocumented workers, there will be little desire for them to enter the country. Undocumented workers will be deported after information is obtained on them for future references.

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