What is Salvation

I am on a quest to understand salvation. It should be something I know as a Christian, but I can’t say for certain that I really know what it means.

It all started after a friend asked what salvation meant. I gave her the basic religious answer, but I felt lacking with that response. Shortly after that happened, the Holy Spirit posed the question to me, “When were the apostles saved?” That question has really rocked my thought to were I am now.

Are they saved as a result of the cross?

Religiously, we say that Jesus died for our sins, but He said all of our sins were forgiven before He died. So the religious statement doesn’t match up with Jesus’ words.

So what is salvation and what does the cross do if not the method for forgiveness of our sins? What if the cross had another meaning than forgiveness?


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3 responses to “What is Salvation

  1. To be saved we need to believe in our heart, and confess with our mouth that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. To have a lord means to give someone else controll over your life. And a savior is someone that has saved you. Jesus dying on the cross is the only thing that could save us from eternal perdition. Because of what Jesus did God now sees us pure and clean through His Son. That means that we can be with the ever Perfect God here on earth, the vaile (that seperated the temple and the upmost holy place from each other) was torn when Jesus died. We don’t have to be perfect to be good enough for God.
    Having Jesus as Lord in our life means that we follow what he telles us in Luke 9:23 “To take up your cross…”!

    Understanding salvation is not easy, but it gets easyer the more you read the Bible. And ask someone in your local church and don’t be afraid to ask God Him self. Why did He send His only Son to die for you!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhYWMcjx8Yk&feature=player_embedded

  2. Xander

    That is what I used to think, but not so sure any more. Not about salvation, I know I am saved. I am having issues with what does salvation really mean and what did the cross have to do with it. That is what God is working on teaching me.

    David was a man after God’s own heart, but he openly and willingly sinned. The law and sacrifices don’t address how to overcome a sin of commission, only omission. David repented and made a sacrifice and was able to still be in the presence of God. Moses brought the Law to the people and then took credit for an act of God and was forbidden to enter the promised land. Jonah openly disobeyed God. He repented and gave the message, but then had a pity party for himself. These men were not perfect, but were still able to be in God’s presence after they sinned.

    Before the Law was given, God asked for all of the people to be in His presence on Mt Sinai. They refused and said they would rather God tell Moses and have Moses instruct them. God has always been seeking a personal relationship with us way before the cross. So what did the cross really do for us?

    I appreciate your comment though.

  3. You seem like a smart person! And I agree with you that some times, or a lot of times things about God may sound and be hard to understand.It’s a good thing to talk to church leaders about questions like this, they often know a good way to inform us. But i also believe that we shouldn’t mistefy God. If Christianity was hard I couldn’t have become a Christian, I’m not smart enough.
    But I know one thing for sure, Jesus had to die so that the world could be forgiven without sacrifice for all our sin. And God gave His only Son to show the world His trumendes love for us.

    God bless you! 😉

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