Why the Cross?

I was working on my research last night when the Holy Spirit asked “Why did Jesus say to pick up our cross daily before He died on the cross?” He has really been stretching my thoughts lately, but that is a really good question.

I have heard this many times that it means we must deny ourselves and die to sin daily. I guess that is a good meaning, but Jesus forgave all of our sins, so what are we dying to? How many times can you die? If I am saved and baptized in to Jesus death and resurrection, does that mean He dies daily too?

A cross is heavy, so is it saying that we should pick up the burden of Jesus everyday? God says His yoke is easy and His burden is light, so that can’t be it.

Why the word cross? This is what I had to focus on. Going to the Greek, I get the meaning to take a stand. Zodhiates puts it as the suffering that we encounter as our faith is put on trial as we are conformed to the image of Jesus. Those make sense to me. I must make a stand daily as my faith is tested to become more like Jesus.


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