Defending God and Christianity to Others

I read different atheist and agnostic blogs. I know going in that it will be hostile, so I try and to not get upset about what is written. If you go to a Klan rally and see anti Jewish or Racist material, you’re a fool if you didn’t expect to see it there. It is foolish to get upset about it. A lot of the posts will deal with how Christians are fools for believing in a God that can’t be proven, how Christians are hypocrites, or demanding that Christians defend the actions of our God for the evil that is present in the world.

Here is how I defend God.  I don’t.

If the God I believe in is all powerful and wise, does He really need me to defend His actions? If I understand everything in the world, the how and why it happens, why would I need God? He is more that knowledgeable and capable of defending Himself, so I wont even bother with that discussion. It is pointless and there will never be a winner. Either you believe or you don’t. It is that simple.

How do I prove God exists? By my testimony.

The only real proof I or any other Christian has to prove that God exists is our story of what He has done in our life. I cant show you a picture or give you a sample of His DNA. I can tell you what my life was like before I was saved. I can tell you the changes He has made in me. I can tell you about the healing and forgiveness I have received. I can tell you about how I don’t feel guilty or convicted about my past. I can tell you about what I feel when I pray to Him. How when I feel His presence on me, the dog starts fidgeting. None of it can be proven to their standards, but that is all I have.

Hypocritical Christians. Yep, there are many, but Christians aren’t the only ones. Who among us has never compromised their beliefs for one reason or another? Who hasn’t lied to someone to spare their feelings? Who hasn’t said something mean to someone when angered? Who is always good? Christians need to stop telling people they are going to hell, I will give you that one. Why are a people called to love their neighbors as themselves treating people so horribly? I don’t have an answer for you. I could say that maybe they are holding that commandment and really think horribly of themselves. Maybe they haven’t read the Bible enough to know that they are behaving improperly. The real reason is probably that there are too many Christians that wont take a stand and tell these people that their behavior is not biblical and contrary to what Jesus commanded. That or we should start tattooing those real Christians so the false Christians will be recognized. I can and do apologize for their actions, but they will probably keep doing it, so it is not much of a condolence for you.

Too many people get hurt by religion that one begins to wonder what is the purpose of it. My answers probably wont make you feel any better about God or Christians. Maybe one day, I will have better answers for you.

My question to you is why are they so angry at a God you don’t believe in?


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2 responses to “Defending God and Christianity to Others

  1. “My question to you is why are they so angry at a God you don’t believe in?”

    Why do you assume we’re angry at the deity the believers profess to believe in, as opposed to the believers and the actions they perform?

    Do you differentiate between anger and passion?

    • Xander

      Didn’t mean for it to come off that all atheists are angry at God. I was referring to the posts that ask where are my God’s morals when He allows evil to be in the world and stuff like that. That is anger at the Christian God, which they don’t believe in. I fully understand the anger at Christians and their actions.

      Anger and passion are different. You can be passionate about something you love or something you hate. Anger can manifest as a result of an attack on a passion. They can be the same, but they are not always the same.

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