Authority of God

I am starting to see why Christianity is becoming so impotent in the western world. I know it is the kingdom of God, but that meaning doesn’t really sink in until you put away the western mentality.

We are a democracy. We vote. We elect. If we don’t like who got in, we complain.

Heaven isn’t like that. God runs it. It is run His way. If we don’t like it, that doesn’t matter.

God doesn’t ask us our opinion on what He should do or how He should do something. He says this is what I am doing. Either you can be with God or you can be against God. If you ally yourself with God, He blesses you. This is true for believers and non-believers alike. He blesses all who are operating according to His will in an area. But the bless comes from being in agreement with God.

Hell didn’t disappear because we took a vote and the majority of the people didn’t like it. God hasn’t changed His stance on topics because the times have changed. Homosexuality was accepted during the Roman rule when Jesus lived, but it was still considered wrong according to God’s standard.

We don’t seem to understand the fact that we are supposed to surrender our lives to God in order to be saved. I struggle with the surrendering part, so don’t think I am lifting myself above that comment.

It is hard to surrender yourself. Give up your thoughts and ideas on how your life should be. Stop making plans on what you want to be or what you want to do. You don’t become a robot, but you put the will of God in front of your own will.

We are subject to God’s authority, both direct and indirect. If God tells us to do something, our reaction is to do it. Instead we think about doing it and decide if it is something we really want to do. Will I be uncomfortable when I do it? Maybe I wont do it then. Will I have to sacrifice something? Does it really hurt any one if I don’t do it? We reason in our minds that it isn’t that big of a deal to not do something or we decide that we don’t believe something is true because it doesn’t fit into our idea of how God is.

We rebel against God, by refusing His authority in our life and lifting ourselves up. We sin and move away from God and lose all power and authority.

Obedience is tough, but it is the price of salvation.

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