A Speck in the Eye

“I am going to try and read the Bible in a year. Who is with me?”

That was one of my friend’s Facebook status.

It is wrong to be cynical about it, but I doubt they will actually read it. It annoys me more that I am sitting in judgment that they wont do it.

I should be encouraging them to read and understand. Maybe suggest a reading plan or asking which one they are following so I can participate with them and help hold them accountable. I won’t, because I think I am either too busy already or because I never stick to a reading plan. Something always seems to come up and I get side tracked. Shouldn’t even be an excuse. My iphone has the Bible on it with a reading program. I just have to put forth a minimal amount of effort and I could follow it. Sad isn’t it.

I read my bible and I study the word. I have multiple printed versions and Bible tools and a special area where I go and study. Maybe I feel that the daily reading plan is beneath me. How can I learn something from just casually reading it? I don’t think that is my attitude since I have little post it notes around my study area with verses and message about them for future study. There are still times I open the Bible and just read it. I get engrossed in the story and find myself reading further then what I originally planned.

They have never stuck to a reading plan and their life isn’t the most Christ like. Do I sit in judgment because of the hypocrisy of their life and claims? Have you ever heard the saying that we hate those things in people that remind us of ourselves? Maybe it is because I still have such a long way to go and their behavior convicts me of my own.

Maybe I will try and read the Bible in a year as well.

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