Jesus is a Fake

I saw a post on an Atheist blog about how Jesus is just a copy of other gods and is not original at all. Well, it was more than one post and you can find them all over the place, but here are a couple of the comparisons from that one post:

 “According to Ancient Christian traditions, Christ died on Mar 23rd and resurrected on Mar 25th. Funny things is that these dates match precisely with the death and resurrection of Attis.” This is a cool one. Attis was a local semi-deity that was supposedly born around 1200 BC. If you do some further research into this, Attis was born of a virgin mother. Supposedly, Agdistis was a daemon who had both male and female parts. The Greek gods were afraid of him and cut off his penis. The penis some how was planted and grew into an almond tree. Attis’s mother had picked an almond from the tree and put it on her bosom. The almond disappeared and she become pregnant. She later abandoned the baby who was raised by a goat. Attis later castrates himself when his father, who is now a woman, appeared in her godly power because she was in love with him. The transgender father felt bad and saw to it that his body would neither rot nor decay. Unfortunately, Zeus later sent boars to destroy the area and Attis was killed. That is why the followers stopped eating pork. Sounds almost like the story of Jesus. Since this happened way before, the adoption of the Julian calendar, I am not sure how they actually pin pointed the date of Attis’s death and rebirth, but I am sure they got close. Note he is dead, via boar, but not decaying, so I guess that counts as rebirth. The death and resurrection of Jesus corresponds to the Jewish Passover, which does not follow the Julian calendar, but that year it could have happened about the same time. I know the prophecies of the virgin birth in the Jewish Bible predates the birth of Attis, but I am sure the story of Attis wouldn’t have been copied from another religion.

AN INSCRIPTION to Mithras reads: “He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation” Another good one. Mithraism is a neat religion that was started in the Roman region sometime around 80 AD. That is after the time of Jesus and after the time that Paul would have sent his letter to the church that was already established in Rome, so I guess it is possible that the people in Rome would have had some knowledge about Jesus. It is possible that Mithraism took parts of its belief from Christianity, but they wouldn’t do anything dishonest like that. Only Christianity copies from other religions. To give it more credibility, some try and connect it to a religion from Persia, but there are no real ties to this that non Christian authorities can prove, so I leave that to you to determine.

Something I do enjoy when Christians comment on the similarities of figures before Christ is how they attempt to excuse it all away. They will make a comment like “most of the alleged similarities are fabricated”. Notice how they use the word most..haha. So what about the ones they believe were not fabricated? Why is it they don’t want to discuss the ones for which no one has a claim that it is fabricated?

I look forward to more examples of how Christianity is a copy of another religion. I think the only one that can correctly make that claim is Judaism, since we actually took their Bible and made it our Old Testament.

I don’t think Christians should be afraid of these types of accusations. It can be hard to hear claims against our beliefs, especially when we are not taught how to defend attacks like this. Both of these examples were not religions that are taught by secular education, nor have I ever heard of them from any religious group. The attacks can appear daunting at first, as it did for me, but the research is rather enlightening and empowering. Now the claim that I dismissed the similarities based on supposition instead of fact can be made, but the attacks aren’t based on fact, so not sure if it really matters.

The thing to remember is that the basis of our belief is faith. That faith will be questioned, tested, and even lost at times. That will effect our belief and cause us to question and sometimes even drift away for a time. I personally believe that if you honestly give it up to God, He will always restore it.


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  1. When mythology is literalized, there are always subtle differences–however, to abase the connections of antiquated theologies for the sake of uniqueness, eventually, it loses its luster for truth–albeit, heightens its thirst for being right.


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