False and Weak Christians

You see people on a regular basis talking about how great God is and then turn around and judge someone, cuss them out, or talk about how hard their life is. The hypocrites. They profess one second and then their actions betray them. People begin seeing Christians in general as hypocrites because there are more of them that those who words and actions match up.

It makes being a Christian hard and even challenges people’s faith. So how do you stop these people from either claiming Christianity or get them to change and get in agreement with God?

You persecute them.


Yeah, but it works.

In the first century, the church was spreading out even though they were being persecuted. People were dying for their beliefs. They would not turn nor recant when facing death. You wont get that currently. Now, Christians are having a hard time holding that the complete Bible is the Word of God. Do you really think these people wouldn’t recant their faith if threatened with death?

When faced with death, you get to see the true nature of a person. When a person who doesn’t know God is near death, they are more likely to seek Him out for forgiveness and salvation. Even if they denounced God while alive, the thought of hell still scares them. When someone who proclaims Jesus as their savior is faced with death because of that belief, you will see truly see Jesus in that person. They wouldn’t be able to hide it if they tried.

When the Church faces death for their beliefs, you will see the power of Jesus working in and through His people. An awesome time ahead.


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