Not My God

Christians have a hard time agreeing on what God is like. It gets even harder when non-Christians get into the mix and tell us that the God we follow is not real or what we say about Him doesn’t match up with His actions.

God allows people to go to hell. Not my god. My god is a loving god and would never do that. Or you might get that if they believed in a god, it wouldn’t be like the one we serve.

It all sounds pretty interesting, until you ask them about their god. He sounds great. You say he is better than my God. Tell me about him.

Well, he would never send anyone to hell for anything. He would be accepting all of lifestyles and choices. He transcends the physical and is pure spiritual. You know the kind of stuff.

It sounds great. Everyone goes to heaven or the wicked would just die and no longer exist. So what are the standards that your god judges the wicked by? What determines if you just die or if you go to heaven? By whose standards does this god judge? This is where it gets complicated.

There are no standards to judge, because the criteria is changing. If that god follows a humanistic view, gays and lesbians 100 years ago would go to hell, but now they would be sent to heaven. Not very fair. Depending on the skin color and where you died, you may or may not go to heaven. 100 years ago, a man who married a 14 year old would go to heaven. With no set standards, depending on the time period and country in which you lived, you could either have a relaxed standard or a strict standard. Not as appealing.

Your god sounds interesting, but I think I will stick with my God. I know where I stand with Him.


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