Faith Healing

Over the weekend, I got a chemical burn in both eyes and on my left cheek from an eye solution. Nasty stuff. I have had jalapeno juice in my eye before and this hurt more. My eyes were red and puffy all day and my cheek had blisters, so I know it wasn’t a mild incident. When I woke up on Sunday, it was still there.

I have been working on healing with God for awhile now. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with degenerative vertebrae in my neck and surgery was going to be required at some point. My nerves were getting pinched and I was loosing feeling in both arms. I went down at a service and had one of the elders pray with me for healing. I had felt like God had directed me to go, so I knew it was going to work. I did feel better the next day and since. That was about 5 months ago.

I think what helped me with this issue was that I knew God was going to heal it. I didn’t just pray and hope, I knew He was going to and after the prayer, that He had. I thanked Him for healing me. Instead of continually asking for healing, I believed that it had happened and operated under that assumption.

About a week ago, I was in the bathroom I was looking at looking at a part of my beard that wasn’t as full as the rest of it. Wondering what I could do to get it fixed, the thought “You have not, because you ask not” came to my mind. It is such a trivial thing, I had never thought about asking God to fix it for me.

How many times do we limit God in that aspect?

It is easy to ask for the big things, but isn’t our faith strengthen through the littlest things? With out faith strong, how much easier to believe that God is going to do what He says He will do. If I hadn’t heard God tell me to go get prayer, would I have believed I was healed? Probably not. Since I heard it was easier to believe.

I didn’t get prayer on my eyes, but I did pray and ask God to heal them. I know that He does heal and I felt this request was according to His will, so I believed that they would be healed. Less than two hours later, there was no red.

This isn’t proof that God heals. This is my testimony that He has healed me. Multiple times.


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