Project: Outreach

I have been thinking about this for awhile now, but with the recent tragedy in Haiti, it was brought to the forefront of my thoughts. It is Church outreach projects.

It seems like the new trend with churches is the desire to have their own outreach ministry. They collect donations from the congregation. Usually these are clothes or money. They take the money and buy food items and try to help those who are having troubles financially. I am not complaining about the activity, but rather the method of implementation.

Why have ten churches doing their own outreach ministry, when one ministry supported by the ten churches would have more influence and effectiveness. Wholesale or bulk food prices drop with the amount being purchased. One reason Wal-Mart is so effective is that they buy in such a large quantity, they are able to get more for their money, which makes them more profitable in the long run. How much more food could be purchased for distribution when you pull the money from ten churches instead of each church buying individually? Not to mention the salaries and space dedicated to host these ministries. It doesn’t seem like they are being as good of stewards of the resources as they could be.

The problem seems that the ten churches are different denominations. There are some repeats, but for the most part it is a diverse group. Is human pride keeping them from working together? Do the churches want others to see they are involved with the community so if you believe in that, you should join them? Is it a doctrinal issue? Would working together show that there is more in common between the two groups so maybe the denominations are not needed? I am curious as to why they appear unwilling to work together.

Any thoughts? Does your church partner with another local church to help the community?

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  1. Outreach is adoctrinal. Churches should work together. Angel Food Ministries is a good example of that.

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