Hypocrites, One and All

I am a hypocrite for being a Christian, as Christians are hypocrites. They preach love but don’t show it. We show it some of the time, but not all of the time. Not all of the time where people want us to. I agree with that. There are way too many Christians out there that flop back and forth between what they say and what they actually do. I hate the fact that I am presumed to be a hypocrite, but you cant force someone to not believe something.

I was reading comments on a blog of a former Christian. I don’t want to label them as an atheist but I think they claim that title. Christians are foolish because they choose to reject science and proof and rather follow old traditions and superstitions.

I am curious as to why so many people become an atheist when they leave the church. Why don’t they look at other religions. They automatically assume that since they didn’t find God in Christianity, that no other religion can be valid. I find it interesting that their own actions testify that Christianity is the one true religion. This is generalized of course. Some are agnostic.

The Bible is used by archeologist to help identify and date time periods because it has been shown to be accurate. No other religious book shares this. So the Bible is shown partially true as science uses it. So there is some amount of reason that can be shown for following it. The supernatural aspect of it is harder to prove though.

From the science front, we have evolution and the big bang theory. I can’t disagree with evolution. There is proof of how species will mutate and adapt to their environment. Some species that don’t adapt die off. Natural selection. So there is no disagreement from me there. The evolution theory that all life came from one source. To a point I agree with it. We all decay and turn to dust, so we are all from dust. Make sense to me. How dust was able to evolve into the millions of life forms, no one has a clue, but it can’t be caused by God. That is the part I disagree with. The universe was created by the big bang. At some point in time, the universe was created from the expansion of a “primordial hot and dense condition”. What caused this condition, no one has a clue. There are theories, but no proof. The proof that is offered comes from observations and conclusions and speculation from those observations, but when the same is offered to defend God, the proof is rejected. So to be consistent, the big bang is not proven and remains an idea of what happened.

So when religious ideas are dismissed because they can not be proven to the satisfaction of certain audiences, but the same audiences can easily accept a scientific answer that has failed to be proven to the satisfaction of other audiences, are the parties hypocrites? I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about being a hypocrite for being a Christian. In the end, we are all hypocrites by someone’s standards.


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  1. I watched a show on evolution once, I have no idea what it was, but one man made a good point. He said something along the lines of, “What we see is birds turning into other birds. Not birds turning into elephants.” That made a big impression on me.

    And as far as the big bang goes, I would simply ask people, “Ok, fine. Who put the stuff there to bang?”

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