Prophetic Dream – Wasp

I had another dream that I feel was prophetic.

I was outside on a covered patio and noticed a large wasp’s nest that was hanging down. My grandmother pointed out several more after I showed her the large one. There were no wasps in any of the nests, but the sensation was they need to be removed before they are reoccupied.

I feel like this was a dream about spiritual strongholds.

The wasps represent demonic activity. Demons have no real power over us, but they try and intimidate and use fear to control. A wasp can sting and annoy, but it is unlikely that it will kill you. The demon and the wasp are similar.

When you cast out a demon, that place where it resided, usually a past hurt or behavior, is still there. The demonic activity can be gone, but it’s residence is only dormant until you remove it.

I feel like that is what God was trying to show me. I still have nests or dormant strongholds in me that need to be removed. Once removed, the demonic activity will have no way in and I will be able to wage a stronger defense against them.


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