Paranormal State or Poo in the Brownie

I wondered why my Paranormal State post had gotten a lot of hits recently and then I saw the search. Is Paranormal State Christian?

Quick answer. No. But it is a bit more complicated than just yes and no.

I have heard that Ryan, the leader is a catholic and openly says there is a God. I think the quote was “if you believe in spirits, then there has to be a god.” I thought the same thing when I got saved, so I cant disagree with him there. Catholics don’t all agree with his views and practices on mixing paranormal things with Catholicism. You can read an interview with Him here.

There is a neat quote there from another Catholic on the views of exorcism. “A layperson can always offer prayers for a fellow human being who is suffering from some illness or spiritual distress. That is part of being a Christian. However, only an authorized exorcist is allowed to address the presumed demonic force and command it to leave.” This is one of my problems with Catholicism and most mainstream Christians. The thought that only “special” people can operate in the spirit for our behalf annoys me. That is another story.

So we know that the leader is catholic and believes in god, but so does the devil so that is not a firm place to stand. I am reminded of what Paul said about being unequally yoked. He is actively submitting to pagan beliefs, the protection circles and spells that the Wiccan members cast. If God has all authority, why submit yourself to a lesser authority for protection? The attitudes on mixing all things spiritual are like the Universal mindset where we are all God’s children and we should worship Him in what ever manner we feel most comfortable with. This goes against Jesus saying that He is the only way. It is dangerous for the “Christian” to follow those ideas. I know that they are popular and none offensive, but if Jesus offended, I am a fool to not think I will offend by sticking with what He preached.

So, the show tries to follow some of the Christian type values and traditions, but when you mix it with a healthy does of psychics and Wiccans, the Christian aspect gets diluted and pretty much worthless. Reminds me of the question; how much is too much poo in a brownie before you refuse to eat it?

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