God is a Big Meanie

God allows people to perish to sin so He can’t not be a loving god.

I don’t get this argument. Logically, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe it does.

God gave man-kind free will. Not the free will that people want, free of consequences, but the free will to make your own choices. According to science, every action has a reaction. In life, we all know there is consequences to what we do. This principle is true in all areas of life, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise if you see it in the spiritual side as well.

Some people don’t like God because He says don’t do certain things. Don’t have homosexual relations. Don’t have premarital sex. Don’t commit adultery. Don’t be drunk. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. So on and so forth. As a people, we don’t like those because we don’t want to be limited. As a whole, the idea is that we can make our own decisions about our life and if it does no harm, then it is ok. Free will.

Most of those you see in the natural in the form of laws. We don’t always like the laws, but there is less of a protest because they are only enforceable if you are caught. God sees all, so you always get caught. Maybe that is the problem.

In order to not perish to sin, as stated above, you have to surrender your free will and submit to God. So you have to chose to give up what God gave to you. Not too hard, but people like their free will.

So God is at fault for giving us the ability to choose sin instead of preventing us from sinning. We want Him to prevent us from sinning, but we still want the ability to do what we want. Does this not seem illogical?

Are parents blamed for disciplining their child? They could have stopped the child from misbehaving, but they didn’t. Shouldn’t it be unfair then for the parent to correct the child’s actions?

Wait, I can’t compare the two. Disciplining a child is not like perishing to sin. There is that whole hell thing that people don’t like. God isn’t sending them straight to hell when they sin though, so isn’t He giving multiple attempts for the person to correct their action. That can not possibly be a loving action.


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2 responses to “God is a Big Meanie

  1. I am so glad someone finally said this!
    Also, I read your About page and it seems to me that you and C S Lewis had some similarities in your coming to Christ. Have you ever read his autobiography Surprised By Joy? You may find it interesting. Blessings!

    • Thanks! I get frustrated with the same argument over and over. There has to be some level of accountability with people. We can’t always just blame God because He didn’t stop us from messing up. We don’t demand that our parents be punished in our place because they didn’t stop us from making mistakes. I want to see what a judge will say when a kid claims his parents should be punished instead of him because they failed to stop him from making bad decisions.

      I have never read it. I will have to find a copy.

      Thanks for the recommendation and for visiting. Keep coming back. I appreciate the comments.

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