The God Lie

Here is a video that has started a small conversation between me and a former Christian.  It is interesting to watch, but it reminds me of why I find fault with the atheist argument.

One of the arguments against religion is that we were brought up exposed to the Judeo Christian religion, so we are predisposed to it.  If we were in another country, we would have followed the religion that was dominant there.

I didn’t grow up religious.  We (my family) went to church a few times, but I never claimed it.  I started out as an atheist but found that mind set lacking.  I felt like there was more out there, so I practiced Wicca.  Unlike most people who are now atheists, I didn’t just stop believing in Jesus and Christianity and say to heck with all religions.  I have actually practiced and believed in other religions.  I moved away from them as I studied and found areas to be lacking in truth.  The fact that there are beliefs that are shared between most religions, to me, proves God is real.

Also, if you look around the world, Christianity is spreading at amazingly fast paces.  People like the idea of a God that doesn’t demand perfection from His followers.

I understand where the argument comes from.  The majority of Christians in the west have no clue about the religion they follow and cannot support their beliefs if they had to.  That is scary.


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2 responses to “The God Lie

  1. “The majority of Christians in the west have no clue about the religion they follow”

    Then, I would suggest, they are not Christians. They may attend a Christian Church or attempt to follow Christian morals but as Jesus predicts, some will come to Him on the day of Judgment and say, “Jesus you are my Lord, I healed people in Your name and cast out demon in Your name,” and I will say to them, “Get away from Me. I never knew you.”

    • I agree. Most churches spend all of their time telling you not to sin or your going to hell that they fail to teach about the God they are supposed to be worshipping.

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