Real Christians

I found this on the Reformation Theology Blog. I thought it was funny:

An American pastor was visiting the pastor of a Church in a country where Christians are under heavy persecution. The US pastor said, “It must be so very difficult to pastor the church here.” The other pastor replied, “Not so, it must be difficult in America. Here we know who the true Christians are.”



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6 responses to “Real Christians

  1. That is sadly very, very true.

  2. That is exactly it. How do we prove God is real besides our relationship with Him? You will run into people who refuse to believe in God or Jesus, but we stand firm and just relate to them our relationship with Him. Our testimony is the only real proof we have.

  3. I always thought i was loco, thinking like this. i’ve found it’s not so

  4. Often we make Christianity harder than it needs to be. The rules and ideas that people tell us we need to follow often distract us from the relationship at hand. We end up being religious.

    Thanks for stopping by

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