Training the Flesh

Last night I was working out on a heavy bag. It is a fun work out. You alternate between punches for speed and for power. I alternate between arms to give an equal workout. As you get into the workout, you will feel the strength slowly slipping out of your arms. You keep doing working out on the bag to build endurance, but in the end your body just cant keep up with the demands. You always get tired and the bag is still there waiting to be hit again.

That is the nature of the flesh. No matter how long you have been doing it, the flesh tires. It does not have limitless strength. It will fail every time and what ever it is trying to overcome is still there, waiting for the next round. The flesh is weak.

That is why we are called to not operate in the flesh. Our flesh doesn’t have the power to sustain us. It will fail and we will end up with another compromise in our life. The spirit doesn’t get tired. We may feel drained, but that is the flesh telling us to stop. The spirit is willing and able to continue on. Relying on the spirit, and the obstacle is conquered. It is conquered because it was not defeated because of our own doing, but rather by the power of God. Only God has gone the distance and seen the battle through until the end.

I will continue to exercise the flesh, but I do not rely on it for anything. I wont drive a car with faulty breaks. I wouldn’t bungee jump with a frayed rope as my support. Neither will I live my life by the flesh. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t like to lose.



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2 responses to “Training the Flesh

  1. This is all very true. The bag is a good illustration. Good post!

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