The Spies of Joshua

I was wiring a paper over Joshua last night about how the book gives guidance for a victorious Christian life. Typology is big in the Christian world, and here, we see the Christian leaving the wilderness of sin and moving into the promised land of salvation. Several neat areas to look at for the Christian life, but I was looking at Jericho. The battle of Jericho can be used to depict spiritual battle against a stronghold. The point of this post though is the spies that were sent out.

The second chapter of Joshua doesn’t really fit into the flow of the 1st and 3rd chapters, so usually when that happens, something interesting is being told. So what do we have with the spies? They served no real tactical purpose as they did not return with information on any weaknesses of Jericho or the land. So what did they actually accomplish? The spies were seen entering into Jericho, so they were not really stealthy. They encountered Rahab who acknowledge God and seem to made a spiritual conversion of sorts. Rahab later on marries a Jew and enters into the bloodline of Jesus. The spies escaped from Jericho and returned to tell Joshua what had happened and that God had delivered the land into their hands and the inhabitants were afraid.

So with Rahab, we see that she helps the spies to hide and evade capture and asks for protection in return. The spies tell her that she must tie a scarlet cord in the window. This is the same cord that was used to lower the spies down on. Scarlet is used to symbolize blood. The spies escaped death because of blood and the blood mark on the window was used to save Rahab and her household. All of her family was in the house at the time would be spared. Anyone who left the house would die.

The spies didn’t spy as much as act as messengers. The Holy Spirit is referred to as a messenger. They delivered the message of salvation to Rahab and her family as well as the message to Joshua that the Lord had given Jericho to Israel. For a testimony to be considered true, it needed two witnesses. We have two spies here. The testimony was that God had given Jericho over and the inhabitants were afraid.

How do you use this as a Christian? There are people within the enemy stronghold who will respond to the message of salvation. They will respond when they know that God is coming and will destroy the stronghold they live in. Only the blood covering can save them. That is the message of Christianity. Only the blood of Jesus will save a person. When the Holy Spirit testifies that God has given something over, you can trust it because the message is true.

Just a little tidbit for you from a neat book.


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