Upcoming: The Book of Job

I have been reading Job lately and I am really finding it interesting. It is known as the book of suffering, but there are some really neat messages that are in it. I think I will start posting on it chapter by chapter next week until I get through the book or I lose interest in it. I think I will be able to

I will have other posts as well, but I think this will be fun and study can always be enlightening.

So a little background information to share before getting started. Job is one of the poetic books in the Old Testament. It is in fact the oldest book, predating the writings of Moses. Some think that Moses wrote this book as well, but there is no definitive proof of this. Job hails from the land of Uz. Job would have taken place after the flood and Uz is believed to be what became Edom. This places Job prior to the giving of the Law. This is interesting when you see the conversations that are dealing with God. The story in the book deals with Job losing almost all aspects of his life and the struggles with trying to understand why.


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2 responses to “Upcoming: The Book of Job

  1. I had a Psalms Professor in college tell our class that the only chapters in Job worth reading were the first and last. He obviously did not come across these:

    Job 9:32-35,14:14-17,16:21-22

    I find these all the more amazing as I’ve heard Job was the first book written down.God bless,


  2. societyvs

    Job, gotta love this story. Obviously a creation (or a narrative) about ‘wrestling with God and others’. Job, as a book, inspires me to some degree. He argues with his friends about theology…update that some 1000’s of years…and we now have blogs!

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