Drawing Muhammad and the Lack of Action from Christians

I am annoyed, but I am with whom at the moment.

Over a month ago, a writer in Seattle announced that they wanted to have a “Draw the Prophet Muhammad Day.” This was in reaction to Comedy Central giving into Muslim pressure to censor the South Park depiction of the Muhammad. The writer quickly stopped the day, but the movement took root on Facebook and was gathering momentum and was denounced by Muslim countries. Pakistan blocked Facebook because of this and Facebook pulled the page even though it did not violate any of the terms of service on Facebook.

South Park is known for putting out controversial material, but you don’t see Comedy Central blocking any image of Jesus or filtering the offensive material that is said against Jews. The show is always pushing the limits with what people will take in the way of offensive material, and still Comedy Central does nothing. Maybe the fact that some Muslims groups threatened violence if the images were shown, since it offends their religion, was truly the deciding factor.

The writer was probably right for trying to stop the mass drawing of Muhammad. Look what happened to Salman Rushdie. You know this person would have been threatened at the very least. There are more and more Muslim ritual killings in the US, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually tried to kill them. What about the Facebook page though? Are they worried about physical violence or was the loss of income from Pakistan enough to make them change their policy? This is a corporation, so I can not see religious tolerance as the motivator. Especially with the number of I hate Israel, and I hate Jew pages that are allowed to exist on Facebook even though these are a blatant violation of the terms of service.

I was going to draw a picture of Muhammad, but I was going to do it as a stick figure. Kind of like this:

I debated with it, but came to the conclusion that the act is offensive to others and would not have been done out of love. I don’t want to misrepresent the work of Jesus, so I decided not to. I think I am annoyed that Christians sit back and take the abuse and character attacks on Jesus instead of taking a stance against the attacks. I have boycotted companies before for their support to positions that I feel are against Christianity, but now I wrestle with the idea of boycotting facebook. Why should I support a company that allows for hate speech to be spread without any repercussions to those who spread the hate. You can see that they are subject to financial pressure, but can you really get Christians to boycott the company? Christians rarely take a stance for what they claim to believe in, so why would this be any different? I saw more action on Elton John’s statements about Jesus from Muslims than Christians. What does this say about those who claim to follow Him?


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