Israeli Raid on Peace-Loving Muslim Humanitarians

One of the joys of technology is the speed in which news and information is shared. We got to see that this weekend when the unfortunate incident occurred in which 9 people were killed during an attempt by Israeli commandos to seize vessels that were trying to break the blockade around Gaza. The incident has caused out cries against Israel for the murder of these people on this peace keeping mission. I don’t see it that way, but I am not a Muslim so maybe that is why.

The blockade around Gaza has been going on for several years now. Israel has put this process in place after Hamas took control of the area. Now Hamas is one of the militant Muslim groups that launch terrorist acts against Israel. They launch these attacks from the Gaza strip. Israel in an attempt to protect itself and it’s people locked down the area to hinder the flow of weapons into the area from Muslim supporters.

These ships, with humanitarian aid, refused to dock in an Israeli port where the contents could be searched to make sure no weapons or weapon making supplies where on board. Luckily, the main ship had an Al Jazeera television crew on the ship which was able to make a report for the world to see. Here it is:

This humanitarian mission of peace was made up of women, children, and the elderly. Which of those groups do you suppose are attacking the Israeli commandos that we can see on the footage from the boarding attempt?

Here is another video from Al Jazeera. The Muslims are quick to claim it is a massacre.

I am amazed at the amount of English that is used by all parties. It must be just me, because I would have thought they would have been speaking more Arabic. It is a shame that no one caught any of the commandos using the deadly force on video. At least then we would have concrete proof as to what had happened. As it is now, we have to trust that the peaceful people on the ship, who were attacking the commandos as they boarded, and their events of what happened. It seems likely that this whole thing to have been staged in order to draw sympathy for Palestinians and gain momentum against Israel. Especially since the group is already bringing another boat over to attempt this again.

Israel has admitted that a mistake was made and that people should not have been killed. They are planning on investigating and rightfully so. The U.N. Security Counsel is also proposing an investigation into what happened and issued a blanket statement that condemned the “acts” that lead to this situation. Media is making it out that Israel has been condemned, but the U.N. is not taking sides as to who is at fault at this time. It is foolish to condiment Israel until we know what has actually happened, but the public like to believe what they are fed so public opinion goes against Israel. It is quite a shame.

I wonder what would happened if Israel was not involved? If this was another country that was trying to protect itself from terrorism, would the same outcry be seen? I wonder why we don’t see the same out cry when missionaries are killed due to their religious differences. Maybe they need to start traveling with camera crews as part of the group.


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