Proposed Boycott of New Comedy Central Show is Ridiculous

I am a little annoyed with the recent attention this “JC” show is gathering from Christian groups.

I am personally not for the new show, but where were there people for the all the years that Comedy Central has been airing South Park which mocked Jesus? The show has spun off into syndication on to other networks, but there is no call to boycott the sponsors on any of the networks that run the show.

So why such a big deal now?

Did these groups boycott anyone who would support Elton John after he made comments about Jesus? No. Muslims took a stand but where was American Family Association then? So why take a stand and try to be noble now? How is this show anymore blasphemous than the other Christian / Jesus bashing crap that is out there? It isn’t and nothing was done to stop those so why make a show of force now?


Thanks for letting me vent.

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One response to “Proposed Boycott of New Comedy Central Show is Ridiculous

  1. societyvs

    I get it, I am with you on this one, but I get it. Christians are taking a lot of the brunt of some media in the last 20 years (since Swaggert and Baker fell from their pinnacles of judgment). Christianity in America is not liked by the media, it seems, because of how pushy it has been in the last 100+ years. I guess we have to live with it, it’s not cool, and sometimes it’s funny…but yeah it’s not ideal.

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