Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Rape Comment

I wonder why she did this. If she really felt like the treatment from the media was an emotional violation, why back track to appease people who objected to her use of the word?

I have seen several posts where people objected to the use of the word because it down plays what happens to a person and what they feel. The posts actually only refer to women, but I changed to it people. Women are not the only people who get “raped”.

Kristen Stewart is trying to articulate how she emotionally feels about the treatment she has received. Who are people to judge her that her choice of words is wrong? Since she has not been physically violated by someone, is that word off limits to her? Do we take that restriction further so that people who have only been physically violated once has less of a right to use it that someone who has been violated three times? We wouldn’t dare thinking about limiting that person, so why restrict it from someone who feels emotionally violation.

We use the word rape when talking about an adult who has sex with a minor, even if it is consensual. Should rape not be used in that instance? It is not the same as a violation a woman feels who has been assaulted, so clearly it must also demean the experience people feel.

Shouldn’t all types of violation against be considered rape? Why not show compassion instead of hostility? These people who attacked her remind me of those people who attack a woman or child after they claimed abuse. How about you compare your experiences to that of Elizabeth Smart. If it fails to measure up to the amount of abuse and violation as she experienced, quit judging others who fail to measure up to what you went through.


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