Back from Sabbatical and My Views on Prop 8

I am back after a nice little break. I got to the point where I stopped pursuing the relationship God and began to pursue the religion of God and seemed to get lost. I think it is necessary for people to stop doing what they are doing and take an assessment of their life and see how to correct what they think needs correcting. I am now back on the track of pursuing my relationship with Him, so I am back at the place where I feel ready to write again. Without Him, I really have no idea of what to do and anything I do just seems to be rather crappy.

I remember when I first started out as a believer. I became a right wing conservative and jumped on the band wagon of the Christian right to speak out against the liberal self indulgent left. Not at that place anymore. As you stop and look at your beliefs, you really have to ask if they make sense and why you believe what you believe. I just finished a time like that over homosexuality where an interesting discussion made me stop and look at what I believed and if I was wrong. I am back from it, but I haven’t really changed my thought process, but I am more confident in the why.

I don’t hate those that identify as homosexual, but rather feel sympathy for them. It has to be hard to be in a world where you face judgment where ever you go. They have to risk being removed from the family if they disapprove as well as loosing friends who cant handle that aspect of their life. Isolation surrounds them and loneliness is not a pleasant feeling. Add to this the Christian right that protests rights for them at the same time as condemning them to hell. The problem with the Christian right is they have a small glimpse of why it is considered wrong and the rest is just religious thought and bigotry that is spread through out the ranks.

Personally, I think the institution of marriage should be split into to aspects. For the religious group, you don’t need the government to recognize your marriage to be considered married before God. It is supposed to be a life long covenant between man and woman and God. Government is not in the picture at all. The government basically looks at marriage as a legal partnership. It is great for taxes and property ownership as well as benefits and rights. God is not part of the picture since there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. I have written about it before, but there should be a civil union or partnership for the government and marriage can be from the church. Heterosexual and Homosexual couples would be equal in obtaining this status so there is no discrimination. If you want to be married, you go to the religious group that you identify with and they can make you married as well. Totally separate and fair to all. The problem with my plan is that neither side really liked it.

For the Christian, allowing the union is basically condoning homosexuality. I used to be there so I understand, but Jesus didn’t tell us to get into politics to try and force people to be good. Supposed to be about free will I thought. As a side note, not sure why Calvinist would object to it. They believe that God predestined these people to be damned to hell so why try and make them stop doing evil things? If you don’t follow the Calvinist/Reformed thought process, you cant force someone one to be saved based on works, so why try and make them? We should still have the ability to say we disagree with the lifestyle, but let them do what they want to do.

For those in the gay and lesbian community, the reason is about acceptance. Not only for the people to accept them as equals, but to force the religious community to basically say what they are doing is not wrong. Elton John came out and basically supported my idea. In England, they have the civil union which is the same as being married, but there is no religious context in the process. I think that since more people identify the US as being Judeo-Christian based, the desire to have religious acceptance is desired more than in England. If this issue were to happen in another 20 years when the US was a religiously decaying as England, this probably wouldn’t even be that big of a deal for either side.

I was not a fan of Proposition 8, but I disagree with the way it was struck down. One, it was a constitution amendment for the state. The people had spoken and a minority of people were able to overturn it based on what? A sense of inequality? If they would have pushed for the civil union, would that have been stopped? Who knows. The fact is that they went after this because it was based on religious and moral views. The view on marriage that was declared to be acceptable by the people did not discriminate against skin color or gender. It does to a point on age, but right now we think that is acceptable. To say that marriage according to the state should not be based on a moral view seems a little strange. What is the reason that polygamy is not legal? What about marrying an underage girl or boy? Those are all moral decisions that were acceptable to the majority of the people, but since those are just moral views, don’t they unjustly persecute and discriminate against those who wish to practice those beliefs?

I think both sides are wrong in their approach and are putting us into a place that we will regret to some degree in the future.

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  1. I like it – and basically I am in agreeance with you. I think gay people, as people, should be afforded all the rights I have as a straight person (this includes the right to marry under the law). But I believe the teaching ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’…and I like the right to be married.

    I also don’t mind the idea of marriage by law and marriage by church as being 2 seperate identities. I think faiths should hold the right to look at this gay issue more closely and decide if they will marry same sex unions…but the law should not even question same sex marriage this and be doing it.

    I never thought I was ‘married by law’ either, although I am. I see it as a real connection between two people and no ring or contract makes that more ‘meaningful’. God knows.

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