I Can’t Believe its Not a Ground Zero Mosque

I love all of the media attention on the construction of this new Ground Zero mosque in New York City. I think the new move is to not refer to it as that since it is a few blocks away from the impact site, but since the Iman originally referred to it as that, I don’t see the harm in it. The name does have a rather negative connotation behind it, so I can see why the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to down play it. In fact, the Associated Press is trying to help defuse the situation and these are suggested as ways to refer to it:

_ mosque 2 blocks from WTC site
_ Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site
_ mosque near ground zero
_ mosque near WTC site

Here are some I have come up with:

_ mosque where a landing gear from one of the planes struck the building currently there
_ mosque where parts of dead bodies from the attack had to be removed from

These don’t really give that much of a positive spin to the project though do they. But that is the truth about the location.

I don’t agree with Islam. I am a Christian, so by default I think it is a false religion. That might sound bad to some but Muslims feel the same way about Christianity, so I am not too worried about hurting their feelings with my claim. Despite that fact, I am not one who wants to ban the mosque for the beliefs of Islam. I don’t like to see the spread of false religions and I am not overly thrilled with the way the liberal media is sucking up to them, but that is just a personal annoyance. My faith in God will with stand the construction of another mosque. My real issue with the new mosque is simply the location of it and the insensitivity toward those affected by the attacks.

There is no really legal reason for them not to build the mosque there. The city has approved the plans and once the backers get the money, I am sure it will be constructed. Politicians have picked up on the sense of outrage about the mosque, but they cant stop it either. There is no legal recourse for being insulted or having something you deem disrespectful to your feelings put up at the site where your loved ones died. I know that the impact happened a few blocks over, but body parts where found around the building where the mosque will be built, so I think it is fair to say that.

That is one of the neat things about America. People can offend you and you cant do anything about it. That isn’t always true. I know several places where liquor stores or adult entertainment venues can not be put up with in a certain distance to a church or place of worship. It is ok to restrict private businesses based upon our sensitivities but not religious establishments. Interesting isn’t it. A church can move into an area where one of these businesses are currently being operated and then they have to defend themselves in a court of law to stay in business. What can move in and force a church out of an area? This is one of the reasons this mosque will not have an issue with moving into the area. The country allows for religious freedoms. Followers of Islam in other countries will forcible remove Christians and their buildings, but here they have the right to build anywhere.

So, the mosque will be close to ground zero. Maybe that phrase will be more suited for some people. The almost ground zero mosque. The people building the mosque and cultural center know that people are not happy with the idea that the area where Americans died. I know not all Muslims were responsible for the attack, but it is still an attack on a culture by a religious faction who opposed what the American life represents. If you were trying to be sensitive to the feelings of others and help bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, would they really build in that location. People are trying to talk the group into moving, but I doubt that will happen. So if they go ahead and build the center there, they basically become pricks. That might sound harsh but what else do you call it? If someone buts up a liquor store next to an AA meeting hall, what do you call them? If neo-Nazis want to build a meeting hall next to a Jewish synagogue, what do you call them? There is nothing stopping this Iman from building it, but should they. That is what most people are rejecting. Not that it is illegal but it is insensitive. Luckily though there are no laws against being a prick, so the American people will just learn to get over it.

I don’t think this issue should be based on anti-Islam sentiment. It should be based on sensitivity and compassion for others. Unfortunately it will be played out with two sides insulting the others and the people who lost family and friends there will be lost in the commotion.


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