Glenn Beck is a/the Antichrist

I am curious as to why Christians are so quick to label charismatic people who don’t utter Christian speak as the antichrist? I have seen Obama accused of being the Antichrist as well as Prince Charles. So why not Glenn Beck?

It really makes more sense than the other two. I mean if the Devil is really going to focus on leading people away from God, why focus on the people who are already not following God? Isn’t that a waste of time and energy? Why not just go after those who claim Christianity but have no real clue as to what it says or what it is about.

Glenn Beck has been trying to rally the Christian right talking about what God wants and how they should be acting. The problem with that is that Glenn Beck is Mormon and their god is not the same God as worshipped by Christians. The terminology between the two religions is similar, but it doesn’t mean it is the same. So now we have a Mormon that is telling Christians what they should be doing and just because the language sounds the same, they are doing it. Doesn’t that sound like something the antichrist would do?

Evangelicals are lining up to be associated with him. They are proclaiming him as being saved based on the words he is using. People are doubting Obama is a Christian because of his tolerance and support of Muslims. Glenn Beck is openly not a Christian but that doesn’t seem to bother his Christian followers. It is almost as funny as it is sad.


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