Imam says Hell No We Won’t Go and Rev. Terry Jones says Burn Them All!

I have to applaud the Imam of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. He is staying his ground and unwilling to talk about moving to a different location. It is about time that the Christians in America see religious freedom work for other religions. It is a bit sad though that there is so much controversy going into this new cultural center. It was supposed to help bridge and repair relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, but with 70% of New Yorkers disapproving of the location, it seems it will be an uphill battle.

It will be even harder battle when you have people like Rev. Terry Jones. Rev. Jones and his church have been planning on burning several copies of the Quran (the Muslim Holy Book) on September 11th as a protest. Rev. Jones too is trying to exercise his religious freedoms, but is meeting resistance from the government. I understand. Muslims in countries where there are no real religious freedoms will cry out and most likely lash out at American’s that are there. They will lash out as Christians as Christians are burning the books and people in the Middle East equate America with Christianity. I don’t agree with what they are doing, because it is motivated out of anger, but as with the Ground Zero Mosque, it is their choice despite any public outcry to the contrary.

As a side note, a moderate Muslim is going to trial on tax charges for attempting to make a $150,000 contribution to a radical terrorist organization that wants to over throw the Chechnya government. Read about it here.


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