Struggles in Growth

You can see changes taking place in the Church, but I think the Church is always changing. Not as much change but more of growing up and maturing. For us that are old enough to remember those teenage years, we should be sympathetic to the pains that it is feeling. Christians are awkwardly searching for a place to fit in and feel comfortable while fearing mistakes. Who doesn’t blame them for the fear when the mistake could me hell. I don’t really feel that way, but many people do. They are terrorized by the idea of making a mistake while trying to “follow God”.

People are trying to rationalize loving our neighbor in a context that makes sense to them. Love is not condemning, so why speak out against what others say is wrong. That is religion that is trying to hold people into a box of old acceptable practices. Spirituality tells us to reach out and experience God. Live in love and show love to others. We let go of those things that are a part of religion and embrace the things of God. Love is the driving force. We focus in on Paul when he said that what ever was done out of love is not wrong.

Others are terrorized by what spirituality seems to offer. No rules or constraints. How can someone keep from slipping or embracing a false gospel. The creeds and mantras help us stay focused on God and not stray to the left or to the right. Our paths are centered on God. We know how God responded and we duplicate those actions while we wait for Him to respond again. We speak out against those who have left the established paths and urge them to return before they are lost. They scoff at us and move away from salvation.

Two extreme differences that are both right and wrong. We should be tempered by knowing what God did so we can better identify what God is doing, but we can not be so afraid of falling off the path that we are afraid to follow God where He might lead us. Creeds are wonderful about reminding us about qualities of God, but God is not sitting around waiting for the creed to be said before He moves. God is always moving, so if we are with Him, then we should be moving too.

There are risks to following God. Mainly, we must know God in order to follow Him. There are several other paths that try and use similar language in order to catch our attention, but not all paths lead to the same place. Love is wonderful, but if you are not sure what the love of God is, the love of the world can appear very similar. Chase after the wrong love and you wind up moving away from God.

God is more than able to correct those who move in the wrong direction though. He does it through gentleness and mercy though. We should remember that when trying to correct those that we deem are on the wrong path. We should love them the way God would and converse with them. Understand what they are pursuing before deeming it a wrong path. It might be wise to correct them, but it might also be an opportunity for God to change the path you are on as well.


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